Mattress covers provide the right protection for the mattresses during their use. They are made of special fabrics with unique properties and exceptional durability. All mattress covers have sewn-in zips so they can be removed and washed (including in the washing machine in most models), which makes cleaning very easy. Our covers have a variety of features that ensure we can find a model that is ideal for even the most delicate skin, covers that eliminate static electricity and have thermoregulatory properties suitable for people suffering from sweating during sleep. In our range, you can also find covers with antiallergy, antifungal properties, protecting the mattresses in rooms with increased humidity, as well as ecological covers.


Dormia cover is very soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is quilted and its structure ensures good ventilation of the mattress. The fibres in Dormia are strongly intertwined, which guarantees a very good fit to the mattress and no susceptibility to stretching. The material from which it is made is polyester. To facilitate the removal of the mattress cover – a special 3-way zipper is sewn in. Dormia can be washed in a washing machine up to 40°C.

Warranty: 2 years


Margrita is a very durable cover. The degree of stiffness of the cover makes it resistant to deformation and stretching. The material consists of a cream-coloured fabric interwoven with gold-coloured threads. A delicate plant pattern made of shiny thread adds elegance to it.

Warranty: 2 years


Aloe Vera is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, because the fabric from which the cover is made has been soaked with Aloe Vera gel. The cover creates a pleasant feeling of coolness and is nice for the skin. It also features antiallergy and antibacterial properties – it protects against the appearance and reproduction of mites. It provides good ventilation of the mattress. The shape of the cover is crimped and the material is pleasant to the touch. It can be washed in a washing machine up to 40°C. The features of the cover are resistant to frequent washing.

Warranty: 2 years


Bamboo cover, thanks to interwoven bamboo fibres, has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties, which helps to avoid the unpleasant odours associated with excessive sweating during sleep. Woven bamboo fibres give the cover a soft green hue. The bamboo cover is made from upholstery material, double-sided quilted with foam lining of thickness 150g/m2. The cover can easily be removed using a zip and washed in a washing machine at 40°C. The features of the cover are resistant to washing.

Warranty: 2 years


Silver Active cover is quilted on both sides with high quality, antiallergic foam lining. The fibres used in the material have a regular structure, making the cover more resistant to soiling. In Silver Active fabric a silver thread is sewn, which, apart from its aesthetic qualities, performs the function of discharging electrostatic charges and eliminates the effect of water veins. In addition, the cover perfectly protects the inside of the mattress and the sewn-in zip on three sides makes it easy to remove the mattress cover.

Warranty: 2 years


Medicott/Tencel is a typical antibacterial cover. The fibers from which it is made have been subjected to special care, which prevents the accumulation of dust and mites and blocks the development of mould. Thanks to this, the Medicott cover has antiallergic and antifungal properties. The way the fibre for the cover is manufactured makes it safe for health and the environment. Because of the advantage of having cotton in its composition – the Medicott is unusually pleasant for the skin. In addition, it is a very durable cover and adheres to the mattress without the risk of stretching or pilling. Thanks to the sewn-in zip, the cover can be removed and washed – in a washing machine at up to 60°C. The features of the cover are resistant to frequent washing.

Warranty: 2 years


Cashmere cover is made of wool obtained from Kashmir goats. It is a fine wool of the highest quality. This makes the cover soft and silky to the touch. It is characterized by great flexibility, extraordinary lightness, and the ability to maintain heat. Thanks to these properties, it improves sleep comfort. The cashmere cover has a zipper on three sides, so it can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine up to 60°C. The features of the cover are resistant to frequent washing.

Warranty: 2 years