Frankhauer produces mattresses made of the finest materials. Our range of mattresses includes: pocket with 7-zones, multipocket, Bonnell, foam, latex and continental, with composition that is variable depending on the individual needs of the customer, thanks to which we have a very wide range of models. The mattress compositions are varied with layers of many different properties to increase sleep comfort. VISCO foam reacts to pressure and warmth to perfectly fit the anatomical structure of the body. A latex layer gives additional flexibility. A coconut mat layer hardens the mattress and ensures its proper ventilation. Wool insulates the mattress and ensures constant temperature maintenance.


Pocket mattresses are filled with spring inserts placed in separate pockets, which allows them to move independently of one another. These mattresses are characterized by point flexibility, which ensures that the mattress surface very closely matches the shape of the body. Pocket mattresses are divided into 7 hardness zones, arranged to suit the zones of the human body.


Multipocket mattresses are pocket mattresses with an increased number of springs, reaching over 500 units per square meter, and in the case of luxpocket models, up to 1000. More springs provide even better support for the body and its distribution on the mattress surface and makes the multipocket mattresses exceptionally durable and resistant to deformation. Multipocket mattresses are divided into 7 hardness zones.


Bonnell mattresses are the most classic spring mattress. They are constructed of individual springs, made of hardened wire, arranged in an orderly system. Inserts made of Bonnell type springs feature surface flexibility. Bonnell mattresses are very durable and breathable, which is why they are a perfect solution for, among others, hotels.


Continental mattresses combine three types of mattress: Bonnell, pocket and top mattresses. The combination provides even greater elasticity and high sleep comfort. In the bottom layer of the continental mattress is a rack, to which feet can be attached, allowing the mattress to be used without a frame and rack.


Foam mattresses are usually filled with polyurethane foam, but in the case of mattresses with 7 zones of hardness also high resilience (HR) foam. This type of mattress is extremely durable and resistant to deformation. Foam mattresses exactly match the shape of the body. Foam mattresses have antiallergic properties and are characterized by good ventilation.


Latex mattresses, made of latex foam, divided into zones depending on the force acting on the mattress, keep the body in a perfectly horizontal position. Latex is a very springy and durable material that guarantees the mattress a long life. An advantage of latex mattresses is the lack of sounds that may arise during body movements.


Mattress covers ensure proper protection of the mattress during their use. They are made of special fabrics with unique properties and exceptional durability. All mattress covers have sewn-in zips so they can be removed and washed, which makes cleaning easy.